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_DSC0150 What are your plans for the 4th of July? I work tomorrow morning, but will be finished early. Yay! Jordan and I hope to visit the Hot Chicken Festival in East Nashville, but rain is in the forecast. If the weather isn't on our side, we will have to come up with a plan B. It doesn't really matter what ends up happening – Jordan and I know how to have a good time wherever we are. I'm just excited to have most of the weekend off!

While reading blog posts this week, I noticed a major food theme: Picnics and BBQs are on everyone's brain. I went ahead and made my weekend recommendations follow a food theme as well!

/ / Kate's seasonal produce guides are extremely helpful. I use them as my main resource after I pick up my weekly CSA. Right now, I feel like we're in a sweet spot for produce. This week alone my box was full of squash, zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, basil, swiss chard and green onions!

/ / I met Carlee when I attended a Creative Mornings event during the first few weeks of living in Nashville. After connecting on Twitter, we quickly scheduled a coffee date. We've stayed in touch, continuing to get coffee on a regular basis. She is an amazing writer and I highly recommend reading this post on pushing "accomplishing achievements" to the side and choosing to play. Besides both being from the "North," we also share a love for Shauna Niequist. Carlee shared a variation of Shauna's Blueberry Crisp by adding The Peach Truck peaches that are literally sold all over town. I made the crisp this week and I'm obsessed!

/ / I made two different rice and bean meals last week. Black beans are inexpensive and a great way to bulk up meals without having to add a lot of meat. A healthy dose of spices is necessary to provide good flavor to the beans. Joy's Costa Rican rice and bean breakfast is exactly the type of meal that works for lazy Saturday mornings and busy weeknight dinners.

/ / Sprouted Kitchen's Mango Guacamole has become my go-to dish to bring to summer parties and BBQ's. I made it twice last month for two different occasions and both times it was a huge hit. Unless someone is allergic to mangos and/or avocado, it meets a lot of different dietary restrictions: gluten, dairy and sugar-free plus it's vegan!

/ / Jordan is the Ice Cream King in our household. Almost every night he has a scoop or two or three. ;-) You can purchase dairy-free ice cream at most grocery stores, but the price for what you buy isn't worth it so I generally stick with hunks of dark chocolate for my sweet treat. I've seen various recipes for banana "ice cream" and have been curious to try. This version with Matcha tea powder sounds delicious!

Happy (long) Weekend, you all!

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