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Garret's Popcorn Jordan and I signed another year lease on our apartment this week. I can't believe we're closing in on living in Nashville for one year! It was a leap of faith to leave behind the familiar, but we're both starting to see the payoff from that choice.

I went to see Amy Schumer's new movie, Trainwreck this week. Have any of you seen it? I will fully admit that my love for Bill Hader greatly influenced my enjoyment of this film. I miss his weekly presence on Saturday Night Live, but I am glad he has received interesting movie roles since his departure.

I don't watch Amy's show but her interview on Fresh Air from a few years ago was really enlightening. Trainwreck isn't exactly autobiographical, but there are a few similarities within the family unit storyline that might go undetected. from a few years ago was really enlightening.

Jordan and I are doing our best to stay cool this week as the temperatures are in the upper 90s and don't appear to cool off anytime soon! I'm grateful for our pool. :-)

On to the links!

/ / Sounds of California. I love how music imprints into our memories. Whenever I hear Jack Johnson I am transported to the summer before my senior year of High School or listening to The Strokes on the road trips Jordan and I took to Ohio when we were dating. Emily created a playlist to encapsulate her time living in California before she and her husband move to NYC.

/ / I am Set Free. As my life becomes busier, living an intentional life has started to take more meaning for me. I love what Kristel has to say about being set free from expectations.

"...I love my life but I want to be sure that I am choosing this life. I don't want to stay in my life out of obligation or guilt, I want to actively choose to live my life the way I am living it each and every single day. I want to delight in this choice and feel free to make any changes I see fit without worrying about what others may think."

/ / Summertime Essentials Giveaway. Have you entered? You have until Sunday! Summer curated a wonderful selection of prizes. I wish I could enter. ;-)

/ / The Irony of Being Scared of Your Own Project. My friend Carlee is embarking on an exciting endeavor this fall. The premise: interview people about their fears.

"My thoughts revolved around why we're scared of certain things. On If our fears are cultural, or if our fears are specific to whom we are. Do we as humans have the same fears overall? And do we take our fears head on as much as we pride ourselves on?

So, I’m starting in places where people have congregated to making good lives, good stories and stepping over the line that says “don’t cross”. I’m sitting down for deeper answers than just “snakes” and “heights” in five different cities with people I’ve never sat down with. And we will talk about our fears, and being afraid, and if we’ve done anything about it.

And maybe at the end of it, I’ll just get confirmation that I am the only one afraid. Or maybe I’ll realize we all pretty much have the same fears."

Carlee's stops include: Nashville, NYC, Chicago, Denver and LA. If you would like to be considered for the Titlement Project, contact her here!

/ / Making surface level friendships deeper. Meaningful friendships aren't cultivated by following a formula, but Danielle's tips offer suggestions for the early (and potentially awkward) transition stage that often occurs when meeting new people.

"Pay attention to what someone is telling you about their life, and then check up on them later."

Happy Weekend, all!

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