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A Lemon Berry Cocktail with LaCroix

Cocktails with LaCroix Earlier this summer, I shared a recipe on Lauren's blog. After toying around with several ideas, I decided to make a cocktail with the remains of a bottle of blueberry vodka sitting lonesome in our fridge. Jordan and I regularly replace tonic water (for our gin and tonic nights) with LaCroix, but I was eager to create another, more fruity, cocktail using LaCroix.

Recipe | Serves 1, 6 oz glass:

3 oz Lemonade (we used Santa Cruz Organic, which still has more sugar than I’d like to have included) 2 oz Blueberry Vodka (we used Smirnoff) 1 oz Lemon La Croix Handful of frozen blueberries

Combine the lemonade and blueberry vodka in a shaker or Mason jar with a secure lid. Shake well. Poor over ice. Top with Lemon La Croix and garnish with a few frozen blueberries.

The end result of this Lemon Berry Cocktail? Delicious!

Cocktails with LaCroix

What interesting recipes have you used LaCroix in??

Cocktails with LaCroix

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