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Gluten-Free Peach Pie ^ I made a gluten-free crust and adapted Joy the Baker's recipe for the pie filling!

My new blog design has been on the back burner for several months. Recently, Jordan and I spent an entire evening searching for theme options to build upon. But most didn't fit what we are looking for. We want a basic foundation with which to create something custom and beautiful! As of now we're still searching.

In other news, Jordan and I upgraded our camera! Our Nikon D5100 was a great starter kit for us (she gave us some really great photos), but we began longing for something with a little more punch. We bought the Sony A7 II. I'm excited to learn our new camera. The A7 II is a mirrorless, full-frame powerhouse with a large megapixel count and high ISO sensitivity. I'm still figuring out exactly what all these specs mean exactly! Haha.

What are you plans for the weekend? My "weekend" this week was Tuesday and Wednesday, which was actually really nice. Having days off in the middle of the week make running errands and dentist appointments a breeze to tackle.

On to the links!

/ / I've shared my love for Ambitious Kitchen numerous times. Monique's recipes are mostly gluten-free (yay!) and the coconut flour treats are amazing! I made her coconut flour chocolate chip cookies this week and I can't get over the perfect texture.

/ / Why a Detroit Lion's Wide Receiver Lives on a Budget of $60,000. It was nice to read about a professional athlete who seems to truly value his high salary, while understanding his time playing football is finite. Ryan Broyles is using utilizing his platform well by sharing the details of his frugal ways with others!

/ / How I Afford to Travel. I loved that Mandy shared why she places travel a priority in her life and the ways in which she saves money when booking her trips. I think flexibility and traveling during off seasons is important. I know that is how Jordan and I found roundtrip tickets to Europe a few years ago for $725 a piece!

/ / Flower Crown Tutorial. My mom loved creating crafts for my birthday parties. If blogs existed back then, I know Nina's tutorial would have made an appearance. I still want one for myself!

/ / How to De-shrink Clothes. We've all been there -- a new piece of clothing comes out of the washing machine several inches shorter. Blahh! In the past, I would re-wash and gently tug as it dried. Lauren's technique is similar except she hand washed the piece with baby shampoo.

Happy Weekend, all!

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