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Birthday | 29 and 30

birthday © Kate De La Rosa Jordan and I began dating just after our shared birthday in September 2005. We had seen each other a few times over the summer, but our first date was still a few weeks away. I just turned 19, he 20. My memory is a little hazy, but I believe Jordan joined me and a few friends at the downtown Homewood Starbucks on September 7. We gathered outside on the brick patio, staying late into the evening as the sunset.

Today is my 29th birthday and Jordan's 30th! I often get asked how we celebrate jointly. Do we split the day, choose another day? We celebrate the day together, but some years (like this year) where the milestones swing to one of us, we do a little something extra -- like throw a party!

I'm still reeling from all of the love we felt last night at our birthday party -- thank you to the many who joined us and to those who sent their love from a distance. I know I am totally biased, but we have the best friends and family in the world!

Jordan, you are the best and I love sharing all of my days with you. 30 is going to treat you well.


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