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DSC00830 My brothers and I went to a two-week sports camp in the Laurel Mountains of Pennsylvania, aptly titled, Summer's Best Two Weeks. During the years between 1993 and 2005, between one to all three of us were dropped off to spend time in the great outdoors. The 350 campers were divided into two teams: Romans and Galatians. My oldest brother was chosen to be a Roman his first summer...and a Roman family we became.

Our team color was red (the Galatians are blue) and throughout the year I would collect red items: shirts, shorts, shoes, bandanas etc. I lived and breathed red. My red collection has waned over the years, but when I saw this shirt on a rack, I knew it was time to reconnect with this color.

My closet is mostly filled with neutrals but I find it useful to keep a few colorful pieces for days when I need a pop. You can't be having a bad day when wearing red!



At camp, outside food wasn't allowed (in case of wild animals sneaking into our cabins) but some campers would sneak in Koolaide to dye their hair blue or red for the big wrestling meet! There were several competitions over the two-week period, but the wrestling meet was the kickoff -- the big team spirit night: face paint was supplied in the art room, all the while a myriad of red and blue articles were strewn about the cabins as we all hurried to represent our team well.

We shouted cheers across the sidelines throughout the night. "We are RED HOT, we are RED HOT!" 

I have a feeling our chants scared away any potential critters!




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