Welcome! I’m Catherine. For me, it's important to stretch my mind, travel far, and always have a stash of dark chocolate.

Things I Want to Remember

© Kate De La Rosa The way our mattress has sunk in the middle. Jordan and I move towards each other throughout the night, often sleeping with little to no space between each other and arms intwined.

Our seven-year marriage feels like a blink of an eye and yet certain moments seem from another time period all together.

The way my best friend's kids shout my name across my store when they come visit me at work. "CAPHRINE!"

I can't seem to get ready for much of anything without creating a huge mess: clothes, shoes, and makeup scattered all over the floor all while haphazardly eating breakfast. Haha.

The dance party breaks Jordan and I take while working from home.

Jordan's ability to ALWAYS have room for ice cream.

The feeling of getting lost while in the midst of reading a great book.

Eating gluten and dairy-free doesn't seem like deprivation anymore, I am enjoying the challenge (minus half & half -- I miss it in my coffee!).

What small things are you hoping to remember?

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