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Weekend Links / / Ohio Bound

Weekend Links / / Ohio Bound Jordan and I are in one of our favorite cities, Cincinnati, for the weekend! Cincinnati holds a special place in our hearts. While we quickly passed through the city on our way from Toronto in April, it's been a few years since we had time to explore areas such as Mount Adams. Much of our early dating years were spent taking weekend road trips to this very city. Jordan had recently finished a year program working alongside a local church and the host family he lived with is still very dear to us. They are family. We always enjoy reconnecting!

We lumped this visit with a chance to see Death Cab for Cutie. The last time I saw them in concert I was in high school when they opened for Modest Mouse. I remember being disappointed they only played three songs! I'm sure they will play more songs than that this weekend. Haha.

Onto the links!

Why I No Longer Equate My Time To Dollars / / Daisy's writing always leaves me thinking -- that's why I include them so often! I was recently listening to the Around The Table Podcast and the hosts had a segment on services to pay for rather than DIY. The majority of the discussion revolved around time; Is it worth the time to invest in learning a new skill? i.e. learning to change your own oil. I enjoy cooking meals from scratch even though they take longer, but I would gladly pay someone to clean my house!

The 5 Big Fall Books / / I'm excited to read these this fall!

Kamiak Butte + Muddy Colors of Harvest / / My dad is from Idaho and we took family trips to Sun Valley, but I'm itching to go back and fully experience the splendor. Natalie's recent hiking pictures are amazing! I have a hard time enjoying the outdoors when humidity is involved, but the dry heat in the west is my kind of heat!  It's funny when I first began reading lifestyle blogs, several years ago, everyone seemed to be settled on the east coast. Now, many of those same people have moved west!

Fast Curling Wand Waves / / My best friend, Lauren, is a hair stylist and used a wand on my hair the last time she cut it. Curling my hair has never come naturally to me (the clamps on traditional irons has always gotten in my way!) but I'm obsessed with the ease of wands. I'm planning on purchasing one this fall and hopefully after a little practice I can master the technique.

My Ideal Icelandic Weekend / / Iceland has been our brain lately, which is why I have loved Kiki's blog. Did you hear about WOW Air, the new airline that is offering crazy cheap tickets to Iceland? They only fly out of limited airports, but I am excited for more competitive flight options and for a potential 2016 trip!

Happy Weekend, all!

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