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Nashville Farmer's Markets On Wednesday, while editing photos for a project, I found this snapshot from a late summer farmer's market peach run. Finding photos from this day reminded me just how much I loved my first southern summer. Those same markets that were bursting with corn, tomatoes, juicy berries and peaches a mere six weeks ago, have transitioned to seasonal gourds and pumpkins.

My allergies have been out of control lately (another reminder that Fall is here!). Friends warned us prior to our move to Nashville that allergy medicine would be a must because Nashville is in a valley. They were not joking! I had a whopping two day+ sinus headache this week which left me sneaking naps whenever I could. In general, I try not to nap as it messes with my ability to go to fall asleep at night, but sometimes they are a welcome treat.

What are you weekend plans? Several friends are passing through town this weekend, so we have lunch and dinner festivities for tomorrow and hopefully lots of football watching on Sunday!

Onto the Links!

Simplify Meal Planning / / People in my life know I cook a lot. Eating home cooked meals is something I enjoy and have made time for in my life. I get asked often how I do it (find the recipes/inspiration, cook etc). My system is a bit haphazard but if you are new to the process look no further than Brittany's post.

Organizing my Pinterest Boards / / Pinterest is only helpful if you can actually find the information once you've pinned something. Kelsey explains, step-by-step, how she cleaned up and simplified her Pinterest boards.

31 Days of Scripture During Infertility / / Lisa participated in an October writing challenge last year which resulted in her creation of the eBook, 31 Days of Prayer During Infertility. She is back again with a new 31 day project. Day two, Learning to Wait, has given me a lot to think about.

Wearing a Dress for Fall / / Everything about Jana's outfit is perfect and completely something I would wear and have worn. It is reminiscent of this look, minus the hat! I love pairing denim jackets with easy cotton dresses.

Bites & Sips: Ladies Night In / / Kelly attended a girls night in which featured rounds of catchphrase, wine and appetizers. I love this idea for a birthday party or even a "just because" party. Swap the wine for Diet Coke and it's reminiscent of my sleepovers in high school -- I love it!

...One other thing before I sign off. Jordan was on another episode of Vernacular Podcast this week talking all about James Bond songs. You can listen to his episode here!

Happy Weekend, all!

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