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A few weeks ago, I had a conversation with a friend about Young Adult fiction. No matter the specific genre, I still look for good storytelling and world building.  I remember discovering Sarah Dessen when I was in high school and the world of YA fiction was introduced! I loved reading The Hunger Games, but when Divergent made the rounds a few summers ago it didn't immediately spark my interest.

Well, after my friend suggested I give them a go I have to admit I am completely hooked. I already finished Divergent and already have Insurgent waiting for me from the library! It's nice to read a book which doesn't take a lot of effort, especially after a busy day at work. Have you read them?

Our friends from Canada are visiting this weekend! Jordan and I are excited to play tour guides for them. We've had a lot of fun planning the places we'll take them. The weather will be perfect for exploring too. I love fall weather in the South!

Onto the links!

Five Tips for Traveling on a Restricted Diet / / I used to not think about where Jordan I would eat while traveling. We don't tend to seek out specific dining establishments while on the road; we stop when we are hungry! This became trickier as I eliminated dairy, gluten and now meat. After our last trip to Cincinnati, I made the decision fast food simply isn't an option for me. I don't feel good, even when choosing a salad.

What Marriage Means to Me / / I love being married to Jordan. I don't take our connection lightly. I think the question, "What marriage means to you?", would be an interesting discussion for marriage counseling.

"To me, marriage is being on a team. It's having a teammate in life, and having someone to cheer on."

Serial Podcast is Now a Television Show / / I am really intrigued by this idea!

How to Drive Traffic To Your Blog with Stumble Upon / / Determining which social sites to spend time on has been tricky. I don't blog for numbers, but at the same time I put a lot of time and effort into each post so I want to reach as many people as possible. Erin's tips have really helped me realize how to use Stumble Upon properly. I appreciate that engagement is rewarded.

Roasted Carrot and Sweet Potato Soup / / There is no going back, I have officially entered soup, stew and chili season. With a few dietary adjustments, this soup will be a nice addition to my rotation!

How To: Solo Traveling Tips for Women / / I wasn't single long enough to have to travel alone much. There are a lot of safety concerns to factor when you are traveling alone, especially as a woman. Rae's tips (know the number of the local police, have the address of where you are staying on you -- not just in your phone, don't be an "obvious" tourist etc) are good even if you are traveling with a friend.

Happy Weekend, all!

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