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Acme Feed and Seed Sneaking moments of computer time the last week and half have been interesting. My iPad only gets me so far, but I'm hoping next week I'll be fully up and running! This week was spent baking pumpkin muffins and sweet potato casserole, cooking the last of the summer eggplant and watching season five of The Great British Bake Off. Have you seen this lovely BBC series? It's now on Netflix and Jordan and I caught up on the episodes we missed when it aired on PBS! It is the perfect show to watch with your family over the holidays.

In other news I joined snapchat this week. It's been a while since I've experienced such a learning curve! I'm usually comfortable with new technology (I used to code and create websites using geocities in Jr.high!) but the Snapchat interface is a little confusing. I'm still learning but leave your user name and I'll follow you! You'll find me under catherine.short.

On to the links!

Hidden Gems Guide to Nashville / / Incase you missed it, pop on over and read my guide to Nashville! I had a lot of fun visiting my favorite spots while compiling this list! This series on Susanna's blog is awesome. If you are planning a trip make sure to see if that city is featured. You'll find great off the beaten path options.

Last-Minute DIY Costumes / / Invited to a Halloween party and still have no idea what to wear? Chelsea has several easy but creative ideas for you!

The Shirt Dress / / How pretty does Kelly look in this teal shirt dress? I love the simple styling too!

Tips for Traveling While Pregnant / / Even though I'm not pregnant, I still save certain articles I know will come in handy if that day happens. Megan's advice is helpful pregnant or not! Stay hydrated and bring snacks on long flights, wear good footwear and pack light are a few of her tips.

Packing for One Year in Europe / / If this doesn't inspire you to rethink paying for luggage on a week-long vacation I'm not sure what will. I am so impressed. I'm glad I'm not the only one who hesitates in taking my favorite pieces incase something was to ruin them.

30 Days of Yoga / / I had been lacking motivation while also feeling strapped for time, so I turned to yoga videos on YouTube. I'm currently finishing up week one of Adriene's 30 Day Yoga Challenge and I love how energized I feel after a quick 30 minute class.

Happy Weekend, all!

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Hidden Gems | Nashville Guide