Welcome! I’m Catherine. For me, it's important to stretch my mind, travel far, and always have a stash of dark chocolate.

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A Short Blonde - November - Flannel - Jean Jacket I have been participating in Jenna and Anne's "Currently Link-up" for exactly one year! I love their prompts and I hope you enjoy reading my monthly snippets.

Planning / / Jordan's new computer came in last week (woohoo!) and instantly we (ok, mostly Jordan!) went to work transferring files and catching up on deadlines. Jordan will be traveling quite a bit this month, so we took advantage of our few days off together and did photoshoots for several upcoming posts.

Cooking / / I eat differently than a lot of my friends and family, so sometimes it is easier to provide my own food. I wouldn't expect everyone to completely alter their food plans for me. Thus, I'm playing around with a few simple dishes to bring with me for Thanksgiving. I'm experimenting with sautéed tofu to eat with a side of rice and beans (plenty of veggies will be supplied). It isn't your typical Thanksgiving fare but I am eating plenty of pumpkin and fall inspired meals at home! For me, it's more important to spend time with my family.

Smelling / / My fall candle obsession is still growing strong. We finished "Sweater Weather" and now have "Pumpkin Pecan Waffle" burning. It's like we're living in a bakery.

Appreciating / / On the few mornings I'm not at work before 6 AM I fully embrace slow mornings: cuddling in bed, making coffee (and drinking it with my new favorite almond milk creamer from Silk which is a game changer!) and reading. It's especially nice this time of year when an extra blanket is needed to cozy up in!

Anticipating / / I am so excited to visit Chicago this month. There isn't always a guarantee to receive time off during the holidays when working retail. My store is really accommodating and I feel extremely fortunate to have five days off to spend time with our families.

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