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Fall in Nashville Living in a small space forces Jordan and I to rethink all of our belongings. I recently did a major closet purge (which now sits on my floor in a pile until I decide which items to donate and send to thredUP) and you don't know how lighter I feel. Our apartment is a little less than 700 sq. feet with only one fully functioning closet (we are able to store a few coats and our vacuum next to our washer/dryer). That's right Jordan and I share a closet! There just isn't space to keep so so items around.

This purge led us to get rid of cable in the traditional sense. We finally bought an Apple TV which is so sleek in comparison to a cable box. Between that swap and switching to two MacBooks instead of having an iMac set up on our dining room table our home feels so much more spacious.

Onto the links!

The Pitfalls of Social Media / / Did you all follow the debacle that was this article? People were shouting praises for Essena's choice to leave social media and a mere week later a video was posted where she essentially is begging for money as she no longer has sponsors. Tiffany Mitchell shared a different and healthy perspective on the good social can bring to our lives.

"Having the buffer of a computer to temper my fears of sharing deep things about myself acclimated me to the idea of true openness. It allowed me to start admitting who I really was, who I had been hiding."

It's Different, But It's Good / / How often in life do our plans work out exactly how we imagined them? Hardly. At least in my life. During times of frustration, I think to myself if I was pregnant or a mom by now I wouldn't have to make decision A, B or C. The beautiful thing is my life is different, but it is also really good.

When Does Eating Clean Become an Eating Disorder? / / "The problem is that we have moralized eating, weight, food, and exercise."

Something becomes a disorder when you no longer can function outside of set perimeters. Feeling a little anxious at take-off and landing is normal when flying, but a true fear of flying is completely avoiding flying at all costs. Such as turning down an opportunity to attend a destination wedding.

Eating whole foods and limiting processed foods is key to a healthy diet but eating is only one part of being a person. It is not healthy when your life becomes consumed by what you are eating. Feeling guilty for having a treat or turning down nights out with friends because you won't be able to "eat clean" are not signs of a balanced life.

How I Fill in My Eyebrows / / I honestly didn't think much about my eyebrows until the last year or so. After watching YouTube videos I realized how much a difference filling in your eyebrows make. I've tried a few pencils but they never last throughout the whole day. Ashley discovered major staying power by applying a teeny dab of eyeshadow primer prior to your pencil.

A Book Review: Bringing Up Bébé / / Jordan and I read this while flying to Europe a few years ago. We had just started trying to get pregnant and thought it fitting since we were spending time in Paris. Pamela  Druckerman is an American journalist married to an English man and parenting in Paris. Bringing up Bébé is part memoir and part observation on French parenting. Even if you don't totally agree with the French way of parenting, it is fascinating to take a step back and see how parenting choices is more cultural than we think and maybe the Western way of doing things isn't the only or right way.

10 Autumn Drink Recipes / / I have my eye on the Maple Bourbon Cider. Do you have up your drink game when the weather turns cooler? I love margarita's year round, but flavors such as apple I only seem to crave during the winter.

Happy Weekend, all!

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