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Nashville | Pinewood Social

Pinewood Social in Nashville I have never experienced a place quite like Pinewood Social. It was one of the first places I frequented once Jordan and I moved to town. A friend invited me for coffee and breakfast and I was instantly smitten. Their food is excellent and the coffee and pastries are outsourced from a local roaster, Crema Coffee.

Pinewood Social is an experience all its own: part restaurant, part bar, part bowling alley and part public swimming pool. Yes, it sounds a bit crazy and eclectic because it is... in only the best way possible! Reservations to bowl are suggested (bowling is $40/hour for one lane) but the pool is first come first serve. Jordan and I can't get enough of this place.


Reese Witherspoon had her birthday party here last year!!


The seating at Pinewood Social is a mix of traditional tables, workstations, couches and bar stools. For a table, you have to put a name in but if a couch or barstool is open you are welcome to snag a spot! When Mike and Keira were in town we had Sunday brunch (I'm still dreaming about the frittata I ate!) and sat at the bar. It was fun watching them mix and create custom cocktails and squeeze a massive amount of oranges for orange juice!

Pinewood Social is a must see when visiting Nashville. Weather permitting plan on taking advantage of their outdoor activities besides eating and bowling.




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