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What is Your Thing + The 1975

The 1975 Jordan and I recently took a quick trip to Kansas City...if an eight hour drive can be quick. ;-) In November, Jordan found out about this special holiday show with Wolf Alice, BØRNS and The 1975 put on by 96.5 The Buzz, a KC radio station. We've tried seeing The 1975 on their last two tours but missed them (we were in the process of moving) and they haven't played in Nashville yet! So... a couple of months ago, I get a text from Jordan asking if I wanted to drive all the way to Kansas City to see The 1975.

Jordan and I don't stick to super rigid traditions or even routines. I think this is partly due to personality but also because our jobs allot for flexibility. In marriage, I believe it's important to share something together that takes you away from your home: camping or hiking, taking cooking classes, visiting museums or seeing a baseball game in every stadium. These outings are bonding experiences and they don't always need to require vacation time.

On of our things has become seeing concerts. It wasn't a formal discussion, but we both regularly saw concerts before becoming a couple so it was natural to continue. Some years we see more shows than others and honestly we miss the frequency that bands travel through Chicago. Nashville isn't as direct a route for tours as I supposed! But we still manage to see quite a few.

Onto the show!


The show took place at the Arvest Bank Theatre at the Midland dates back to 1927 and has been beautifully restored. It reminded me a lot of Chicago's Oriental Theatre. It was stunning inside!

Wolf Alice


We decided to take a risk by bringing our camera into the venue but security barely even noticed (remember when you had to sneak in a disposable camera?!). Our Sony A7II doesn't have a flash so it wasn't a distraction at all. We had plenty of moments to just enjoy the show without the desire to capture it but Jordan was able to take a few photos from the night and I think they are so dreamy that I wanted to share them with you!

Wolf Alice's debut album is still holding strong as my favorite album of the year, so I was super excited to see them play. I'll dive into that more when I share my Top 10 2015 Albums. Besides his single, I wasn't familiar with BØRNS before this show but, wow, Garret and his band played an incredible set. Jordan and I listened to his album, Dopamine, on our drive home

The 1975

The 1975 teased the audience by playing a few new songs from their February slated album. If you haven't listened to their 2013 self-titled album you must. It's a pretty perfect. Matthew Healy is such a rockstar. He has that Mick Jagger swag plus some pretty great talent. They were incredible and the balcony shook most of the night from everyone jumping!

We had time to explore Kansas City prior to the show. I'll share more about our day soon!

The 1975

The 1975

The 1975

The 1975

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