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Weekend Links / / Traveling and Small Spaces

WELD Nashville Sunday morning, Jordan and I woke up a little earlier than normal so we could enjoy a quick coffee date before church. We arrived at our favorite neighborhood coffee shop, Eighth and Roast, to eat breakfast and read. Mornings are my favorite time of the day, but we rarely spend them together. I'm usually at work a few hours before Jordan gets up. ;-)

Our coffee date was the perfect way to begin the week. It was a good reminder that reconnection can happen even within a sliver of an hour while drinking coffee and eating a gluten-free muffin.

Onto the links!

14 Genius Tips for Living in a Small Space / / Jordan and I would like a little more room but we are also extremely spoiled by location and amenities so leaving our current residence isn't high on our priority list. Erin says to remember that you are the boss. I am in control of how out-of-control our small space gets at any given moment.

Why I'm Adamant That Everyone Should Travel / / Linda and her husband are currently living a nomadic life, traveling full-time. While full-time travel might not be for everyone, I completely agree with Linda that everyone should travel. Traveling internationally, in particular, opened my eyes to a new way of thinking. Plus, it's important for us Westerners to leave our comfort zones and experience something different every once in a while.

Meal prep Week 1 / / Tracey regularly shares meal prep photos on Instagram but this week she gave a breakdown. I'd suggest following Tracey simply for these meal prep photos on Instagram. It'll inspire you to get real organized. Tracey's philosophy is similar to mine: 1-2 meals + additions to mix and match such as chicken salad to add to salads or sandwiches, roasted potatoes and batches of rice.

Egg Florentine Toasted Sandwich with Roasted Tomatoes / / Eggs are one of my favorite foods. They make a so-so meal into a meal, at least for me! A quick breakfast for dinner meal we eat regularly is eggs, tomatoes and spinach sautéed with potatoes. This is the sandwich version though I think I might add a bit of avocado.

Daniel Radcliffe's Tribute to Alan Rickman / / It was a sad week. First, the news of David Bowie's death and then Alan Rickman. I admired David Bowie's work but it wasn't as personal to me. I fell in love with Alan Rickman's portrayal of Colonel Brandon in Sense & Sensibility as a teenager. S&S is my favorite film and I highly recommend watching it if you have never seen it.

Happy Weekend, all!

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