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Damage of Love

Father Hands EP Damage of Love Let me gush a bit about my husband, Jordan, today! One of the qualities I admire the most about him is his desire to create and not limit himself to one arena. He inspires me to leave my doubts behind and do things even when they might be scary or seem like too much work.

Jordan and his brother, Josh, have been working on a new musical endeavor and their EP released earlier this week!

Father Hands EP Damage of Love

Music is a core element in Jordan and his brother's relationship. When they were younger Jordan would grill Josh during long family road trips on the merits of particular songs: "What makes this song great?" He would ask him. Essentially, Jordan was teaching Josh pop theory and structure. They've both grown a lot since those car rides.

Father Hands EP Damage of Love

Fast forward to early 2015, Jordan and Josh discussed forming a duo. Inspiration quickly led them to write new songs. Later in the year, Joshua drove down to Nashville for a visit to record songs for an EP.

They call themselves Father Hands. The music provides a glimpse into the ups and downs of relationships, telling the story of love and loss and love again. The concept behind the EP is that we've all been impacted by love; it leaves no one unscathed. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Father Hands EP Damage of Love

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