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cute pregnancy announcement I've always been a fan of sitcoms. Ever since I was a little girl... I even imagined what it would be like to star in one myself. One funny, not-so-secret trick that prop people utilize when one of a show's female stars becomes pregnant is they make the actress walk around with boxes and packages or have them stand behind some obstruction to hide their belly. Well, If I was a star in a sitcom, I would be walking around with a box for nine months because... I'M PREGNANT!

It's still a bit overwhelming to talk about but I will try!

cute pregnancy announcement

During our nearly three-year long journey to become pregnant, it was sometimes difficult to find a positive: whether that be my attitude at times, ovulation predictor kits and of course pregnancy tests. After finishing our last round of Clomid in August we were told to take a break from the drugs. I still went in for monthly ultrasounds to check on my follicular fluid levels and during my October appointment I was given the all clear to start Clomid again.

Flash forward to November. A fresh prescription of Clomid was stashed in my bathroom, all I needed was for my period to arrive. Going on and off fertility drugs resulted in extra long cycles at times, so I wasn't too alarmed despite being a bit late. In the meantime, I ordered a new (GIANT) pack of pregnancy tests.

It was a Saturday and the few days prior I was feeling rather bloated and a bit off so I decided, that when my tests arrived, I would take one to ease my mind. The package of tests arrived just as Jordan's flight was scheduled to land from his business trip to LA. I received the box but then had to rush out the door. I drove to the airport in silence, completely unaware that my life was going to change forever with the knowledge I would receive that evening.

cute pregnancy announcement

Once we got back home, I discretely snuck the still wrapped brown box into the bathroom. You'll understand my utter shock when the test slowly formed two pink lines. I read the directions again to make sure two lines actually meant positive!

I tiptoed out of the bathroom, went to the living room and declared to Jordan, "I think I'm pregnant." He glanced up at me and said with a very calm voice, "Alright." He stood up, we walked to the bathroom and stared at the two lines on the strip. We smiled in disbelief and hugged each other still not knowing what to think.

I went to bed unsure how to process this new information, but saying prayers of gratitude. Over the weekend I took four more tests (five in all)! They were all positive of course, but until my blood work a few days later I still couldn't quite believe it.

The last few months have been filled with a crazy whirlwind of emotions. The best kind of course! The first trimester, for me, came with the typical symptoms: nausea and exhaustion, but I am so so thankful for every symptom.

As of this week I am 16 weeks. Our little miracle is due in July! I'm excited to share this journey with you all as your prayers and encouragement carried me through many dark moments.

For those of you who prayed for us and supported us, THANK YOU! It truly meant the world to Jordan and I.

cute pregnancy announcement

cute pregnancy announcement

cute pregnancy announcement

"We put our hope in the Lord. He is our help and our shield."  Psalm 33:20

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