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Twenty-Four Hours in Kansas City

Country Club Plaza Kansas City Jordan and I went to Kansas City in December, but due to major first trimester exhaustion I never got around to sharing the photos from our stay. I still loved the photos so better late than never!

Country Club Plaza Kansas City

Our main reason for our stay in Kansas City was to see The 1975 in concert on Friday night but since we were going all that way, we thought we might as well see a bit of the city too! We left on Thursday since I didn't want to risk being late if we ran into traffic or some sort of delay on the eight hour drive -- road trips can be very unpredictable!

We stayed in an AirBnB in the Westport neighborhood which was a perfect location. Our exploration time was mostly limited to one day so, to take full advantage, I reached out to friends (who were from KC) to give us pointers. Our AirBnB hosts were also extremely helpful.

I didn't have many expectations going into this trip (especially at 8 weeks pregnant) but Jordan and I had so much fun. I wish we could have stayed an extra day!

Country Club Plaza Kansas City

Thursday night we ate dinner at the cutest little neighborhood French Bistro called Westport Cafe & Bar (a recommendation from our hosts). The ambience was relaxed and neighborly and the food was delicious and fresh. Patrons were chatting with one another and we witnessed a toddler sneaking bites off her adjacent table! If we lived nearby I would want to eat there every week.

Friday began with us driving a little outside of the city to visit Dean & Deluca. Did you know the headquarters of D&D is in Wichita? I had such a fun time meandering through the D&D in New York City I knew we had to visit the KC location. Plus, you know, Felicity worked there. ;-)

This location is a bit different. It focuses less on produce/a place for a quick-lunch and more on specialty grocery items. You'll find honey and mustard and jam from exotic locations. It was hard to turn it all down!

The rest of the day was spent walking around the Country Club Plaza, a large outside shopping center.

Country Club Plaza Kansas City

Country Club Plaza Kansas City   Country Club Plaza Kansas City

The Plaza was built in the 1920s and was the first shopping center designed for customers to arrive by car! The buildings are based on Seville, Spain architecture which they decorate seasonally with Christmas lights. It was a gorgeous at night!

I suggest visiting Evereve and the local Kansas City company, Baldwin Denim. We ate lunch at Cheesecake factory mainly because I was craving pizza and needed it fast (this was at the height of my nausea) I wish we could have eaten somewhere local.

Country Club Plaza Kansas City

Country Club Plaza Kansas City

Country Club Plaza Kansas City

Country Club Plaza Kansas City

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