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My Current Grocery Essentials

DSC09005 I'm fascinated with the food people keep in their kitchen. The enjoyment I receive from watching grocery hauls on YouTube is a bit silly. Haha. While grocery shopping last week, I found myself thinking about what I consider to be absolute necessities. Essentially, if I don't have these specific items in my fridge I begin to panic. A few days later I ran across this article on Cup of Jo: What Are 5 Things In Your Kitchen You'd Never Be Caught Without? Apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks about the contents of their friends' fridges!

Some items Jordan and I can deplete and live without until our next scheduled grocery run, but if the following five items are even nearing the end, we have to make an emergency trip to the market!


Tomatoes | A grape or cherry variety preferably. Jordan eats cherry tomatoes like candy.

Spinach | We easily go through a one pound carton in five days. We use it for salads, smoothies or a soup additive. Sometimes I'll keep another kind of green around for salads but it's just easier to use spinach for everything.

Almond Milk | This is my go-to "milk." Jordan still uses regular cow's milk for cereal but he likes almond milk in his smoothies.

Bananas | My favorite smoothie involves a frozen banana, spinach and almond milk. My OB recently told me bananas should be considered a "dessert" fruit but I say, "Let them eat bananas!"

Eggs | My favorite source of protein are eggs. I eat them almost every day in all forms. I need to be more diligent about prepping hard-boiled eggs because they would be ideal for quick mornings.

With the above items we are able to make smoothies, salads, fried eggs or even a vegetable frittata. As you can tell, our favorite lazy but healthy meal involves breakfast. I'm not a huge meat-eater and while Jordan would prefer meat for dinner, on a low-key night he is perfectly happy with toast and a smoothie.

If I was to add five more items they would be oats, peanut butter, orange juice, ice cream and frozen blueberries. Can you tell which of those items are for Jordan? ;-)

What are your five grocery essentials?

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