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Work Time Jams

Work Time Jams When you really need to dig your heels in and accomplish a lot of work, setting the right mood is key. Watching a HGTV show such as Fixer Upper is possible while scheduling social media posts or editing photos, but for me it is far too distracting when writing content. Jordan feels the same way and over the years we have discovered several go-to albums (with minimal lyric distraction) and artists to turn on for work motivation.

I included a mixture of electronic, classical, and acoustic jams. A little something for everyone! I hope you find a new artist or two to add to your music listening rotation.

CaribouOur Love Caribou falls under the low-key, dance/electronic category which is one of my favorite genres of music to put on while working. The melodic grooves keep me steady and on track! Jordan and I had the opportunity to see them live at Pitchfork Music Festival last year.

Frou Frou | Details One of my favorite albums of ALL TIME. It is so fun. Details is also the perfect album to put on if you need a good cry. Especially if the draft you had worked on all night suddenly disappears! Haha.

Petit Biscuit | Singles Petit Biscuit is perfect low-fi electronic pop. I find myself listening to these five singles on loop. I hope they release a full length album soon!

Sense & Sensibility Official Soundtrack The only thing I dislike about this soundtrack is they have another woman singing the two songs Kate Winslet sang in the movie. Otherwise, it's perfect

The Social Network's Official Soundtrack This soundtrack is part of the reason why The Social Network worked as a film. And it has been a part of helping me get serious work done. This soundtrack is a little bit moody, a little bit driving and perfectly ambient.

Spotify: Focus Now This Spotify curated playlist is composed of a great mixture of classical music that's great for hunkering down to accomplish a task (or even just to wind down after a long day).

Sylvan Esso | Sylvan Esso Sylvan Esso's mix of electric/pop/folk has just the right amount of energy to break through a workday slump.

Tycho | Awake Awake is Tycho's most recent album, but all his albums are great options. Jordan and I have been listening to his entire discography for years!

The War on Drugs | Lost in The Dream Lost in The Dream made it onto my top 10 albums of 2014 and I'll leave you with my explanation..."This album is not what you listen to while on a run, but it is exactly the type of record to listen to while pondering the meaning of life [or working!]."

Are any of these artists on your work time playlist?

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