Welcome! I’m Catherine. For me, it's important to stretch my mind, travel far, and always have a stash of dark chocolate.

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Nashville Art April is one of my favorite months of the year! It's our wedding anniversary and the true turn towards spring. I'm excited to see what this month holds.

Making | Piles to donate, piles to store away for another season and piles to throw away. Spring cleaning is in full force!

Wishlisting | Last summer I wrote a post about the 10 shoes every women should own. Well, after putting a good portion of our tax rebate towards savings, Jordan and I allocated a certain amount for each of us to buy something special. I'm finally going to purchase the pair of clogs I've wanted for a few years now!

Cleaning | Cabinets and drawers. While we don't have a lot of closet space we do have several pieces of furniture with extra drawers, so with a little creative rearranging I've been able to make room for baby things.

Posting | I'm working on the recap of the third book I read for my 2016 reading challenge. My present conundrum is wanting to abandon the fourth book on my list. I'm about 1/4 the way through and it is such a slog. How do you feel about forcing yourself to read books you're not fully enjoying, but could possibly enjoy if you simply stick with it?

Tasting | While menu planning this week I felt drawn to dishes involving tomatoes. I made a turkey bolognese on Monday but I also bought ingredients to make tomato soup and grilled cheese!

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