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Weekend Links / / A Shared Pint on the PCH 

Finlay & Co. Sunglasses I'm currently sitting in a hotel room in San Luis Obispo, CA watching A Cinderella Story. Jordan and I just finished exploring and eating dinner at the famous SLO farmers market. I'm excited to share the pint of Häagen-Dazs rocky road ice cream that is currently sitting in our room freezer. In my opinion, there is no better way to end a night then to eat ice cream straight from the carton. We're only halfway through our drive along the Pacific Coast Highway and I'm already smitten. Viewing the Pacific Ocean as we drive through the mountains is simply dreamy. It's all so grand.

Our week in Southern California was beautiful and busy. I feel like I haven't even had a chance to process it all, but thankfully we have photos! I can't wait to share more of our trip in the coming weeks. But right now, Snapchat (Username: Catherine.Short) and Instagram are the best places to keep up with our daily adventures.

Onto the links!

Jewelry Organization / / I like using everyday items to organize and display jewelry. My necklaces and bracelets sit in a basket on my dresser, but I'd like to find something for my favorite earrings. How do you display your jewelry?

Banana Chai Smoothie / / I have an iced chai almost everyday at work. It's the perfect amount of caffeine while still feeling indulgent. I wonder what this smoothie would taste like if I added spinach?

Three Steps to Develop Your Personal Style / / The tip I found most enlightening was to separate actual outfit details from pretty styling in photos I pin on Pinterest. How many times do we pin beautiful images that would never work for our lifestyle or even climate? I do it a lot!

The State of Dinner Affairs / / Kelsey shares her dreams of eating dinner with her family: A dinner she cooks, while her boys patiently play outside or assist her inside. In reality she has toddlers and dinner time looks nothing like her dream scenario. What I loved about this post is even when some of our "dreams" may feel unattainable they usually are within arms (or a few years) reach.

Reading Lately, Travelogues / / I've already requested Four Seasons in Rome from my library! What are you reading right now?

Happy Weekend, all!

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