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Second Trimester Musings

Second Trimester Pregnancy Tips According to the internet the second trimester of pregnancy is from week 13 through week 28. I'm now into week 31 so before I completely forget how my second trimester went I figured I should write it all down and share my tips!

My first trimester wasn't terrible but looking back it wasn't all sunshine and roses either. I had all-day nausea though I never got sick. I was tired and bloated but still managed to go to work and get the basics done. My doctor kept telling me the second trimester was when you feel the best, but I didn't wake up one day immediately feeling amazing. The transition into my second trimester was gradual.

Right around week 17 I noticed I no longer needed daily naps and my nausea was gone. Of course once one symptom ends another begins. ;-)

1. Swelling. My ankles began swelling at week 17 particularly during work. When I wore leggings the seams left indentations in my legs but it would return back to normal. At first I tried athletic compression socks but they didn't cut it. Instead, I received a prescription for medical grade socks and wear them at work and traveling. They work wonders!

2. Heartburn. I'm not totally sure if it's heartburn or acid reflux but either way I have it daily. I now keep TUMS on hand. I haven't researched other ways to combat the burning sensation because thankfully TUMS does the trick.

3. Protein. I don't need to eat quite as frequently but it's essential for me to have a good combination of protein and carbs at every meal. This of course is in addition to a bounty of fruits and vegetables.

4. Chiropractic Visits. Oh goodness. My hips have always been an issue but of course they've gotten worse with the weight gain and the widening of my pelvic bones. I haven't been able to go to the chiropractor every week but I always feel refreshed afterwards, though I do feel a bit sore for the first day or so (which is pretty normal). The adjustments also help my back and neck.

5. Be Your Own Advocate. As sweet and present as Jordan is, his body isn't changing daily. When we're out and about, it's my job to let him know if I need to sit down, have a snack or find a bathroom. We joked on vacation that I spent 1/3 of my day just trying to find a bathroom! This also goes for your work environment.

Photography © Kate De La Rosa

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