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Venice Beach, CA

Jordan and I spent 2.5 weeks in April and May of 2016 driving the coast of California. If you'd like to start at the beginning click here Venice Beach, California

It might actually take me all summer to recap our California road trip. Ha! So many things are happening on a daily basis that I'm having to just interject these Cali posts whenever I'm not writing about the current goings on.

Let's dive in! The day after exploring The Hollywood Hills and Beverly Hills, Jordan and I drove to Venice Beach and Malibu, two places we hadn't been to before on any of our times in California.

First up, Venice Beach!


Jordan and I knew we wouldn't be able to leave prior to morning rush hour, so to pass the time we ate breakfast at a cute little diner, Omelette and Waffle Shop, near where we were staying in San Pedro. Usually, when we travel, we eat breakfast on the go but it was really nice to start our morning with a hot plate of food and diner coffee. Why is diner coffee always so good?

Los Angeles is known for terrible traffic, but because it was a Tuesday and we were on the road mid morning, we lucked out and avoided (major) traffic jams. Traveling during the week has its perks. Jordan and I pulled into Venice Beach with no real agenda, except to walk the infamous boardwalk. The weather was perfect: sunny and warm, but not hot.



We parked on Washington Blvd (two-hour meter parking, but street parking in California is so cheap) and made our way to Venice Pier. Walking the pier gives you not only gorgeous views of the ocean but also an ideal vantage point for watching surfers. Surfing both fascinates and terrifies me! At the very end of the pier is room to fish with sinks for cleaning your catch, which we watched firsthand.

The boardwalk itself is very kitschy. Think stands of tie dyed shirts for sale, reggae artists handing out their latest CD and a plethora of rollerbladers/longboarders some of which being pulled by their dogs. We enjoyed walking around (and people watching) but once our two-hour parking meter was coming to a close, we decided to leave for Malibu. Lunch time was approaching and I had a restaurant in mind in Topanga Canyon.

Have you been to Venice Beach before?



^ Can you imagine living in one of these apartments right off of the beach?



^ Not only was there this basketball court/park there actually was an outside gym on the boardwalk!



Sunglasses c/o Finlay & Co.

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