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Pregnancy Nesting Jordan and I arrived home on Monday from our Chicago baby shower. We felt loved and cared for all weekend and I can't wait to share more about our time. Since coming home we immediately jumped right into our Nashville life and suffice it to say I'm exhausted! My body gently reminded me this week that more sleep is required and I'm doing my best to oblige.

Up until this weekend, if you walked into our apartment you would not think we were expecting a child. I restrained myself from purchasing much until after our showers but because of that we didn't have the need to rearrange our current home situation. All that changed when we arrived with our gifts. Jordan went into a tape-measuring frenzy and came up with several furniture solutions that'll give us more storage. I'm rather excited. Bring on the nesting!

Lemon Butter Green Beans / / A few months ago I discovered the frozen green beans at Trader Joe's. They are delicious and an easy alternative to a side salad. In my opinion, a sprinkle of lemon makes everything taste better.

Tecovas Boots / / My friend Greta invited me to a pop-up event hosted by Tecovas Boots this week. You can see how Greta styled their beautiful cowboy boots on her blog! I became a little obsessed with cowboy boots while watching Friday Night Lights, so if you, like me want to be Tami Taylor when you grow up you probably need a pair of cowboy boots in your life.

When Taking Care of Yourself Isn't Just About You / / I personally never feel guilty about doing or not doing something that is considered self-care (i.e. sleeping in on my days off or choosing to eat a certain way because I know I feel better). I also know once Baby Yoshi arrives it'll be easy to put myself on the back burner.

"...one of the critical results of proper self-care is that you're rejuvenated enough to continue caring properly for those around you."

I'm sorry Rebecca had to learn this lesson due to a pregnancy scare, but I am grateful she shared her story.

What To Pack in Your Hospital Bag / / I'm starting to read posts on hospital bag prep again. We haven't had our hospital tour yet so I don't know what they provide but gleaning ideas from others has been helpful in understanding what I should expect to bring.

On Forcing Time's Hand & On Letting It Happen / / After writing my Ode to Natalie's blog this week I started going through her archives, rereading my favorite posts. These are a few examples of why I'm going to miss her writing.

Happy Weekend, all!

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