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Jordan and I arrived home very late on Wednesday night. Our laundry pile might be out of control, but there is watermelon and La Croix in the fridge and lasagna defrosting for dinner. I made a very smart (unintentional) decision to wait a few days before going back to work. This isn't always an option but is so helpful, especially in the third trimester. It gives me extra time for all our laundry. ;-)

Yesterday, was my glucose test and here's to hoping I passed! The drink was rather disgusting, especially since the last thing I wanted to consume after a long vacation was added sugar. Afterwards, I scheduled appointments for the remainder of this pregnancy. WHAT?! I can't believe we are approaching the finish line.

Onto the links!

Lemon, Tomato and Feta Coodies (aka Zoodles) / / Just one more reason why I need a spirilizer. In the summer I like making light pasta dishes with simple ingredients, but having vegetable noodles makes eating a second bowl practically encouraged.

I Don't Want Kids, Am I Bad? / / I really appreciated Helene's vulnerability in sharing this post. We place a lot of societal expectations not only on ourselves but on those around us. The pressure to please oftentimes causes us to second guess our instincts. Having children shouldn't be a given for all adults and one shouldn't have to feel less than for choosing what might be considered an "alternative" path.

The 10 Items You Should Always Pack for a Trip / / Isn't it fun to see what others consider travel necessities? For our road trip I packed fairly well except for being a little cold in San Francisco. I wish I would have read Megan's list because I would have added a sweater!

Tips for Finding (and applying) That Perfect Foundation / / My skin tone has always been fairly even. Unfortunately, adult acne has left behind some red marks that are rather challenging to cover up. I recently fell in love with IT Cosmetics CC Cream and their under eye concealer but I don't think my application method is always the most effective.

H&M Maternity Jean Shorts / / I bought maternity shorts from ASOS prior to leaving for California but didn't wear them beforehand. I was sorely disappointed when on the first day the side seam began splitting! While in Sacramento we stopped in H&M because this location had a maternity section. I found the most comfortable pair of maternity shorts. If your H&M has maternity I highly suggest checking out their denim.

Happy Weekend, all!

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