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Bar Taco Nashville ^ Everyone needs a mid-week taco date, with extra guacamole.

I hit thirty-two weeks on Wednesday and with that came my cankles again. I experienced a brief reprieve in my swelling and I was a little too hopeful I wouldn't have to wear my compression hose as the temperatures rise, but alas I'll be rocking them for the time being.

Do you have Memorial Day Weekend plans? Luck has it I actually have the entire weekend off! This comes as a complete blessing since my body is a little worn out. I don't want to lay around all weekend, so I'm hoping to go strawberry picking! It's the last weekend this particular farm in TN offers pick-your-own. I'm not sure there will be much fruit to find, but it'll still be fun.

In addition, we have a double date on the calendar and some new bathroom shelves to assemble. Baby Yoshi is going to have a super organized bathroom!

Onto the links!

Legit Mom Style Spring & Summer Mini Capsule / / Pregnancy and wearing maternity clothes has taught me I can deal with fewer items. I'm actually rather excited to purge/build my closet again postpartum.

50 Summer Cookout Recipes / / Our apartment complex just built a fancy outdoor grill and I am really excited to use it. This grilled vegetable pizza sounds delicious. I've never grilled pizza before, have you?

Books You Have To Read This Summer / / I'm really excited for Emily Giffin's newest book, First Comes Love. Among her other books, Something Borrowed and Something Blue are favorites of mine!

6 Practical Ways to Practice Self-Care When Rest is Out of Reach / / My favorite tip Brittany mentioned, don't write off a few minutes as just a few minutes. This is true in many areas of life. Waiting rooms or work breaks can be used to read a few more chapters or respond to blog comments.

The Sixties & The Seventies / / Last weekend Jordan discovered these two documentary series on Netflix. Each have several chapters that focus on a specific topic that range from the British music invasion to the Cold War to civil rights to the Space race.

Happy Weekend, all!

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