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Açaí Bowls As of Wednesday I am 35 weeks pregnant! Eek! Time is flying by in both amazing and slightly nerve-racking ways. This weekend is all about installing our car seat and beginning to pack the hospital bag. Though there aren't any clear signs our little man has intentions to make an early arrival. For all you mommas, what was one unconventional item you either wished you brought with you or was glad you had in your hospital bag?

In other news, I received my first set of eyelash extensions this week! My friend, Kara Gaylor, is a certified lash specialist in town and performed her magic on me. Lash extensions were something I had wanted for quite sometime and now seemed like perfect timing. For me to feel awake and ready for anything, I like to apply at least concealer and mascara. Well, even great mascara doesn't do much for my blonde lashes so why not eliminate one step?

For any of my Nashville locals, Kara is offering a special where your first fill is free! Just make sure to mention my name when you call.

Onto the links!

How I Plan Travel in Eight Steps / / If planning a trip causes anxiety and stress, Emily's eight easy-to-follow steps will be your best friend!

Looking Back on My Twenties as I Turn Almost-Thirty / / Brittany's views on turning 30 ring so true to me.

"If my twenties taught me anything, it’s that change is slow and often imperceptible, but when I look back at the whole of a period — be it one year or ten years or thirty years — I can see the tiny moments collected and propelling forward and bursting open to create the new life, and I can see that this view is still such a small part of the big picture."

My Dream Wedding -- For Under 8K! / / Planning our wedding was fairly painless. We were excited to start our journey together and we also knew newlywed life would be stressful if we accumulated wedding debt. BreAnna's post gives great insight into the possibility of creating a dream and budget-friendly wedding!

Why You Should Be Visiting Your Local Library / / Are you a library frequenter? My parents brought us to our local library regularly and I continue to visit the library even now. The Chicago Library System is excellent so not only could I order any book, my branch had a vast movie selection. Nashville's isn't quite as stocked for me to simply walk in and leave with exactly what I want, but that's what the reservation system is for!

Almond Butter Açaí Bowls / /Açaí bowls mystified me and still do to some extent. After my first açaí bowl experience in Laguna Beach, I've wanted to make them at home. I would like to understand why the only way to acquire açaí berries is by purchasing frozen smoothie purees? Either way I plan on ordering packets to make my own açaí bowls at home!

Happy Weekend, all!

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