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Fruition Salon Nashville This was a rather uneventful week except for Monday. On Monday I had the pleasure of modeling for Fruition Salon's latest campaign. You might remember the Holiday Hair event I co-hosted at Fruition Salon in the fall. Jordan is building their website and also photographed the first half of the day (on location in the neighborhood). Later in the day our friend, Austin Lord, took photos in the WELD studio. I'm surrounded by really some talented people. It's so inspiring.

I broke up my seven-day work stretch with a pre-natal massage. This also happened to be my first professional massage. I found a great deal on Groupon, so for all you pregnant ladies, I highly recommend purchasing one for yourself! My reward for working seven days in a row is having an extra long weekend off. Our Nashville baby shower is on Sunday and I'm really looking forward to celebrating with our friends.

Onto the links!

The Cast of Girls' Powerful Message on Sexual Assault / / I'm sure you've all heard about the Stanford student who was convicted of sexual assault and what many people feel is his lack of an adequate sentence. While I've never been physically assaulted, I've had comments said to me I would categorize as extremely inappropriate. It's a problem. We need to be raising our boys to respect women because she is someone.

Simple Summer Recipes / / Between the heat and pregnancy exhaustion, I've really lacked motivation in the kitchen. When dinnertime rolls around it has to be simple. Thankfully, summer produce makes simple meals seem fancy. Tracy's baked corn & tomato risotto is next on my list!

Tips for Pumping at Work / / After maternity leave I'm grateful to be returning to a supportive work environment, but pumping at work will still be awkward. If you have any helpful tips bring them my way!

The Empire State Building or Top of the Rock? / / Jordan and I are currently scheming ways to visit New York City soon. When we went the summer of 2014 our researching process felt slightly overwhelming. There are A LOT of quintessential areas and buildings to see! If it weren't for a friend telling us the Top of the Rock had the best views in city it would never have crossed my mind. We can't wait to visit the Big Apple again.

Strawberry Milk / / Milkshakes have been on the brain and I can't do anything about it. It also doesn't help we have a Sonic a block away from our building! Milkshakes are high calorie so this strawberry milk is a slightly lighter version.

Happy Weekend, all!

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