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The Larimar Birthstone

Larimar Birthstone Discovering my almost thirty-year old style aesthetic has been a journey. A journey I've documented several times on this blog of mine. I've written about the theory behind the French Five and the ten pairs of shoes every woman needs to own. While in the midst of fertility treatments last year, I felt a little stifled as far as my closet was concerned. I was ready to make a change, but it wasn't the right time.

To make a small closet work, staples are essential. I didn't feel it was wise to purchase many clothes since I was hoping a baby bell would cause me to grow out of those quickly (and thankfully, I was right!). Outside of shoes, jewelry was an area in which I felt I could capsulize and make more functional.

Larimar Birthstone

Through experimenting and pinning, I discovered simple, single stone, earrings, and bracelets with the occasional statement necklace is what I enjoy the most. I am not adverse to gold or silver; I like them both! When Larimar Bliss reached out to me to select a larimar birthstone, I was elated. They have vast options, but I knew I wanted a delicate bracelet to help round out my jewelry wardrobe.

I wasn't familiar with the Larimar birthstone, but it is now associated with the month of March though, like with all birthstones (i.e. Diamonds), you don't have to be born within that month to wear them! The Larimar gem is often referred to as the "Atlantis Stone" as the Dominican Republic's Caribbean waters, where the stones lives, is considered Atlantis' location. You've got to love old folk tales!

Larimar Birthstone

The intersection of swirled blue, turquoise and white create a peaceful beauty -- just like the ocean!

Larimar Bliss is offering $20 off at checkout with the code, ASHORTBLONDE. What item is your favorite?

Larimar Birthstone

Larimar Open- Forms Bracelet c/o

Photos by Jordan Short

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