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Butchertown Hall ^ Last weekends girl brunch date at Butchertown Hall.

This week was filled to the brim with emotions. A mixture of nervous energy and reflection. How has this pregnancy neared its completion? There are parts of me that aren't ready for pregnancy to be over but a much larger (4o weeks) part of me simply wants to meet my baby boy. Life is full of unknowns and knowing he can arrive any day now is hard to fathom.

Wednesday was my due date and well, here we are on Friday and baby is still chilling. I have a scheduled induction to begin on Tuesday night, so there is an end in sight. I never felt like he would come early (I haven't been uncomfortable enough).

I've forced myself to leave the house everyday to run a small errand or at least grab coffee. Distraction is key! I'd love to enjoy one more brunch date this weekend if we aren't in labor.

Onto the links!

Mediterranean Pita Pockets | I've been in a bit of a food rut. Despite practically living at the grocery store, meal prep inspiration has left me. I made Kelly's recipe on Monday and ate it for lunch all week! It is the perfect combination of ease (just chop!) and freshness.

Best Places to Buy Affordable Ethical Clothing | Affordable being the key word. I'm going to use this list as my resource guide when it's time to purchase new clothes postpartum. I have no idea how my body will shift so I'm expecting to have to fill in some clothing gaps.

10 Reasons You Should House-Sit | House sitting as a means to travel inexpensively never crossed my mind until reading Linda's blog. While this form of travel isn't logical for everyone, I would love to utilize this on our next overseas trip. It's basically AirBnB with the caveat of caring for a pet or two.

The Mom Without A Village | Kelly's perspective on raising her son without family support is inspiring since I'll be in the same position. When Jordan and I moved to Nashville we knew we were leaving behind built-in family baby-sitters. It wasn't an easy choice but as Kelly says, "...your village is exactly what you make of it."  Don't be afraid to reach out to friends and neighbors. People really do want to help!

The Purpose Hotel: Change the World in Your Sleep | Jeremy Cowart, a world-renowned photographer, has developed a life-changing hotel concept called, The Purpose Hotel. What if by booking a hotel stay you were supporting a child, providing clean water, using fair-trade beauty products and even fighting sex trafficking? Yeah, the world could be changed while you were sleeping.

Happy Weekend, all!

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