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My 37 week appointment was yesterday and I left with confirmation that baby short won't arrive anytime soon. I'm actually okay with him staying put until his due date. Despite our years of waiting, I'm very much feeling the finality of our time of two coming to a close and I want all the time we have left to finish any last-minute details before we become three.

I'm working limited hours, so this week gave me a lot of time to organize, shop for baby essentials/return said items (you don't want to know how many times I've been to Target in the last few weeks), read more for my reading challenge and of course watch Wimbledon and the Olympic Trials! I'm very excited the Summer Olympics will air while on my maternity leave. ;-)

What are your 4th of July weekend plans? We have several BBQs on the calendar, which is great for me because I get to show up and eat food cooked for me. HAHA. I do plan on baking a berry crisp and of course making mango guacamole.

Onto the links! 

How Involved in Each Other's Finances Should You Get Before Marriage? | It might be our personalities or maybe because Jordan and I got married young, but there wasn't any secrecy in our money prior to getting married. I am by no means an budgeting expert but I was the one who crunched the numbers to convince Jordan we could afford to get married while I was still in school.

Summer Cucumber Recipes | When we lived a few minutes from my parent's house in Illinois, I had the luxury of reaping the gardening efforts of my dad in the form of vegetables. There were always a lot of Cucumbers in the summertime harvest. Cucumbers can be a challenging vegetable to deal with in large scale since you have to eat them raw.

Home Exchange -- What is it? | Yes, just like The Holiday people really exchange their homes in real life. When Jordan and I become homeowners I would love to pursue home exchanges.

Perfect Pineapple Mojito or Nojito | I've had several disappointing mocktails throughout my pregnancy. More often than not, I've stuck with ordering club soda with limes. Kelly's pineapple nojito sounds delicious and perfect to serve at a BBQ because people can add rum if they want!

Blackbird Farms & Market, Charleston | Charleston, SC has been on our short list of cities in the south to visit. Some years our vacations coincide with visiting family or work events (like this year when Jordan was in California for business) while other years we've had full reign. I'm already scheming trip ideas for 2017.

Happy Weekend, all!

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