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Phoenix David This round of Weekend Links is arriving just as the weekend is coming to a close. Jordan and I came home, from the hospital, with Phoenix yesterday around lunch time. I don't want to jinx anything but our first night alone went well! I've always been able to easily fall back asleep so while my sleep was interrupted, I did sleep. Hopefully, that'll continue. ;-)

I'm excited to fill you in on details of Phoenix's birth and first week but until then....

Onto the links!

Michelle Obama's Speech | Despite your political alliance, it would be hard to convince anyone that Michelle Obama's Monday evening speech wasn't beautifully articulate and up-lifting.

Jordan and I plan on stealing their family motto, "They go low, we go high," as a way of dealing with mean-spirited people who want to tear others down.

Ultimate Southwestern Scrambled Eggs | Quick, inexpensive and filling. We all need recipes like this for busy mornings and nights!

Uses for Lavender Oil | I'm not one to swear off all antibiotics or prescription drugs for essential oils but oils do work in many instances. After a few weekends of outdoor parties, Jordan's left leg had a multitude of inflamed bug bites. After few days of applying lavender oil the inflammation and itchiness decreased significantly!

10 Stylish No Heat Hairstyles | None of which are topknots, my weakness. Ha! I've been wearing more braids lately so this round-up is perfect.

Stranger Things | Since Phoenix blessed us with his presence a week late, Jordan and I spent the few days leading up to my induction by watching the Netflix original television series, Stranger Things. It's the perfect balance of suspense and excellent story-telling. We still have a few episodes left so, please, no spoilers!

Happy Weekend, all! I'll be over here relishing in my little man's snuggles.

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