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Currently August Phoenix David As of today Phoenix is one week old! Jordan and I didn't know the exact date our baby boy would arrive, we did know we'd have a baby by August. And well, we've arrived to August with a healthy baby. Life is good.

Currently, here is what August looks like.

Hearting | All of the newborn snuggles and gurgles. I love the little noises Phoenix makes. I'm sure all mothers feel this way but the thought of him getting bigger makes me equally excited and nostalgic.

Watching | Jordan and I finished Stranger Things over the weekend. We're watching reruns of Gilmore Girls and marathoning The West Wing though as of Friday it'll be all things the Olympics!

Exploring | The only times we've left the house lately is to grab coffee or go to the doctor! I'm thinking this weekend we'll venture to a restaurant with my parents. My body is feeling stronger everyday but I know it's important to rest. I had major surgery!

Creating | Routines. Or something of the sort. HAHA. I'm using an app on my phone to track feedings. This has been helpful to make sure Phoenix is eating enough and to see his natural routine and rhythm take hold.

Eating | Randomly and according to my cravings. Friends and family have been so kind to drop off meals so that Jordan and I can focus on baby. Breakfast has consisted of smoothies, eggs and bagels.

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