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Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions I wear makeup everyday, but my overall look is fairly minimal. When I wash my hair, I let it air dry and wear it down or up in a ponytail/topknot. I spend little-to-no time on my hair.

While my morning hair routine is quick, I can't quite take as many shortcuts with my makeup. For me, if I look tired I feel tired. Even when I receive a full nights rest, my undereye circles are still deep purple. It's simply my genetics. Mix dark circles with straight blonde eyelashes and you end up with tired looking eyes!

(This collaboration shows my eyes without any mascara.)

Despite my best efforts at trying mascara after mascara, achieving a bright-eyed look is always challenging. Especially with my blonde lashes, darker and thicker lashes instantly pulls me together! If only I could make the process easier. So, in the blurry postpartum days, eyelash extensions sounded ideal for me.



I reached out to my friend, Kara, who is certified in eyelash extensions, to begin the process. Depending on your needs (shape, density etc), the initial full-set application can take anywhere between two-three hours. Some people opt to tint their lashes first (as it is easier to apply on darker lashes) though I didn't find it necessary. The lashes fall out according to your own hair growth cycle. I went four weeks between sessions.

So, how am I liking them? It took a few days to resist the instinct to rub my eyes, but now I don't even think about it! It's important to wash the extensions gently everyday and comb through (with disposable mascara wands) to maintain their shape. Wearing mascara is not advised but eyeshadow and eyeliner is perfectly fine.

Have you tried eyelash extensions before?

Kara is offering a special for Nashville locals. Simply mention my name when booking to receive a free fill with the purchase of a full-set of eyelash extensions!

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