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On Being One Month Old

newborn one month Last Saturday, my baby turned one month old. I stare at Phoenix daily and recognize how much he's grown while reminding myself he's still my little baby. He'll always be my baby. On the eve of him turning one month, I thought about the baggage an entire month used to carry. When trying to conceive, for nearly three years, hope and pain continued to cycle through each month.

Now months are filled with milestones, both big and small!

newborn one month

Nashville is still regularly in the 90s and humid, so when a relatively cool afternoon occurred Jordan and I took Phoenix on a walk. Even a walk outside feels like a break from the monotony of a day with a newborn. I haven't begun pumping yet so, besides short coffee runs, we haven't been separated for more than a few minutes. I ordered bottles last week and am thinking about beginning to pump soon.

Fortunately, breastfeeding has been easier than I anticipated (Praise Hands!). Phoenix latched on right away and only needed a little assistance with pulling his bottom lip out. Once my milk came in, any soreness slowly dissipated. I'm not ready to leave him for extended periods of time, but I would feel better knowing we have backup milk for emergencies.

Phoenix went to the pediatrician at 23 days old and weighed eight oz over his birth weight and grew two inches longer. We're currently working on dream feeds. Some night feedings, I'm able to skip a diaper change. Though this boy does not like staying in a dirty diaper any longer than he has to!

newborn one month

Many sleep books and articles mentioned the inevitable "witching hours" for children. Phoenix's tends to be early afternoon. He wants to fight naps between 3-6pm, so starting late last week, we're putting him down for the night around 6pm. I was worried he'd be wired around midnight, but his usual night stretches are (mostly) continuing while we're both getting more sleep!

He already loves being outside and visiting new places, having the chance to take in different sights and sounds. Jordan and I can't wait to show him more of this world. Our first month together was filled with intense joy and redemption. And for that I am extremely grateful. It feels like Phoenix has always been with us.

newborn one month

newborn one month

newborn one month

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