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Current Summer Obsessions

L'Oréal True Match foundation Our needs change month-to-month and even more so as the seasons change. Each season brings with it its own unique personality and I find I become obsessed with specific products, clothing items and forms of entertainment as the weather shifts.

These are my summer obsessions for 2016!

Stretchy maternity dresses (1, 2) | All summer, I've lived in basic stretchy maternity dresses. I wore them to work, dressed up for parties or as cover ups at the beach. The two black and two grey dresses I purchased have been my most worn pieces and because they are neutral no one knows how often I wear them! They've been really handy postpartum as I won't be wearing anything with a waistband for a few more weeks.

L'Oréal True Match Super Blendable Makeup | I'm always on the hunt for good foundations and I've tried it all: high-end, low-end, powders, liquid, cc creams, etc. While my skin tone is fairly even, my acne scars are tricky to cover. I had heard great things about the L'Oréal True Match foundation and so far I am extremely impressed. It covers everything really well, while not leaving my skin looking heavy or cakey (I don't mind feeling my foundation as long as it covers) plus it has an added SPF!

Miir Vacuum Sealed Insulated Water Bottle | Stainless steel water bottles always left a metallic taste in my mouth. When Jordan brought home this bottle I had no intention on using it. Well, one day I needed a water bottle and couldn't find mine and decided to brave the metallic taste for an afternoon. Either I've matured or the product quality of Miir water bottle's are superior because I love this thing! I bring it with me everywhere.

Davines Conditioner | I don't have the type of hair that responds well to lesser quality shampoo and conditioners, especially conditioners. If I buy drugstore conditioner or even certain "salon brands", I'll use several tablespoons and it still won't thoroughly sink in. Davines conditioner is the only brand to allow me to use a normal amount while also leaving my hair free of tangles!

Comedy Specials | After eight years we finally bought a new television! Jordan is very happy and I'll admit, it's much easier to watch the Olympic Trials on this 55 inch TV compared to our old 32 inch. I was organizing our baby clothes by size and decided to see what comedy specials were streaming on HBO. Well, a lot! Jordan and I really enjoyed Ellen DeGeneres' 2003 special, Here & Now.

What are your current summer obsessions? Share yours below, I love knowing what you all are into!

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