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Belle Meade Plantation My oldest brother and his family were in town visiting Phoenix this week. It was special to see my nieces fawn all over Phoenix. They are eight and six and loved holding him and pushing his stroller. It's great having out-of-town visitors because it gives Jordan and I an excuse to explore more of our city. We ate at many of our favorites: Fenwick's 300, Burger UpMartin's and Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream for dessert. One morning we toured Belle Meade Plantation, which Jordan and I had wanted to visit for some time. I plan on sharing photos from our tour in a separate post as the grounds are beautiful!

Phoenix held up fairly well throughout our excursions. It's still in the 90s and humid, so maintaining a comfortable temperature was the challenge! I'm realizing that staying in with a baby is easier but I gain more confidence the more I go out. Everyday I've become stronger, which makes running errands alone attainable.

Onto the links! 

An Anne of Green Gables show | I am SO excited that Netflix's is creating a new Anne of Green Gables television series. I love the made for television movies from the 1980s and wonder if they'll expand further into the books since there will be several episodes.

Peach, Corn and Avocado Salsa | I love all varieties of fruit salsas and guacamole. I eat it alone as a snack with chips or pile it on top to enhance an otherwise plain taco.

7 Thoughtful Ways to Include Dads in the Newborn Phase | Due to my c-section, besides feedings, Jordan did everything else for Phoenix in the hospital. Physically, it was too difficult for me to respond quickly to his cries. Since being home we're working on a rhythm that gives me a break while simultaneously allows them to bond. It's an important relationship to cultivate.

Bev Cooks on Snapchat | If you aren't following Bev on Snapchat (or Insta Stories) you are missing out! She does a segment called Wine Talk that is equal parts informative and hilarious. Plus, her twins are adorable.

The Perfectly Draped V-Neck | Everlane (referral link) is known for their production and pricing transparency. These shirts appear nursing friendly too!

Happy Weekend, all!

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