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My week was fairly low-key. I left the house with Phoenix by myself twice! The second time was far more successful. The trickiest part about leaving the house right now is assessing the window before Phoenix needs to eat again. It's funny how a no-cry coffee run sets the tone for the rest of my day.

In other news, after a rather fussy Sunday, I spent the rest of the week working on keeping Phoenix's wake time periods short. He consistently naps in the morning but as the day progresses, into the evening, it's hit or miss. Tuesday evening we had a sad puppy but he ended up sleeping from 8pm - 1am, so we're making progress.

What are your weekend plans? We haven't brought Phoenix out much at night (mostly because we are exhausted and the Olympics!), but we have a house party to attend on Saturday. I'm hoping Phoenix will settle in his wrap. Wish us luck!

Onto the links!

Pro Tips: Financial Planning | I'm excited for Joy the Baker's new series where she interviews her friends who are experts on an arrange of topics. First up, financial planning tips for your 20s, 30s and 40s.

Three Things To Do When You Feel Your Style Start To Change | I shared Caroline's post on my Facebook page earlier this week, but I still wanted to add it to this Weekend's Links. My wardrobe consists of a small rotation of dresses that are easy to nurse in and don't add pressure to my c-section wound. I am craving to retire all of my maternity clothes though. It'll be interesting to see (from my closet) what fits my body and lifestyle in the coming months.

Skinnytaste's Weekly Meal Plan | It's been several weeks since I had to really think about weeknight meals. But alas, the time is coming quickly and Skinnytaste's weekly meal plans are the perfect inspiration.

Frosé | This absolutly refreshing frozen cocktail made an appearance on a recent episode of the Girl Next Door Podcast. A strawberry version popped up on my Bloglovin' feed so apparently it's the year of frosé.

48 Hours in Amsterdam | Amsterdam is high on my must-visit list and I appreciated Emily's thorough whirlwind tour of the city. It's totally possible to see a lot in a short period of time with a little planning!

Happy Weekend, all!

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