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Weekend Links Baby K'tan Currently I'm sitting on our couch while baby Phoenix naps in his Snugapuppy bouncer. A friend loaned us their bouncer and in the last few days Phoenix has preferred to nap this way. Speaking of sleep (in addition to tracking his feedings) on Wednesday I started tracking naps. I figure by tracking, I'll start to notice Phoenix's own natural rhythm. For instance, his first sleep of the night is his longest stretch. The past few days he's slept from 7pm-11pm. This is our best chance for sleep too!

We have friends in town this weekend. I'm excited to spend time outside of the house and for them to meet Phoenix! The hardest part of these past two weeks has been being (mostly) housebound. This was necessary, as I'm recovering from surgery, but I'm feeling the itch to explore. I'm hoping the humidity will begin to break soon so we can go on daily walks without melting!

Onto the links!

How to Save Money Shopping Online | Did you know if you abandon your online shopping cart many companies will send you an additional discount off? Finally, an abandonment issue we can all get behind!

How To Get Internet While Traveling On The Road | Often when we travel, Jordan still has client work. Most of the time he'll try to send emails or download files before hitting the road but sometimes we have to make a coffee shop detour for wifi. Jacob and Esther compiled an extensive guide for finding internet while on the road.

Shauna Niequest Podcast Interview | Present Over Perfect (Shauna's newest book) released this week! I still need to purchase a copy but in the meantime I plan on listening to Shauna's interview on Sarah's podcast.

Citrus Berry Tea Cake | This quick bread resembles the berry coffee cake I made a few weeks back except with the addition of lemon and lime. I'm intrigued by the lime juice. I've never baked with lime outside of key lime pie!

We're All Waiting | Isn't this the truth?

"...waiting can often times be downright excruciating when things aren’t clear to us… when we don’t know what the outcome will be and we don’t know when it will happen."

Happy Weekend, all!

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