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The Mill in San Francisco

Jordan and I spent 2.5 weeks in April and May of 2016 driving the coast of California. If you'd like to start at the beginning click here. DSC02440

After our time admiring the Painted Ladies, Jordan and I needed a coffee (i.e. bathroom) break. After performing a quick Google search, I found plenty of coffee shops the next block over. We settled on the Mill in San Francisco which is part bakery, part coffee shop and completely adorable.


I craved iced mochas during my pregnancy and The Mill's did not disappoint! Jordan went with iced coffee and a bottle of strawberry milk from the local Saint Benoit Creamery. A total impulse purchase. Guys, I have never been a strawberry milk gal, but theirs was absolutely divine! It tasted like a thinner strawberry milkshake. I highly suggest buying their milk if you ever run across Saint Benoit Creamery products.

The natural light streaming in the Mill's windows set the perfect stage for an afternoon coffee date. We didn't have our computers or books with us, but if we did I would have gladly spent a few leisurely hours working and reading.

After finishing our coffee, Jordan and I rounded the corner to Bi-Rite Market. We often gather food items from a grocery store to save money while traveling. Bi-Rite Market offers organic and locally sourced items, so it's more expensive than a traditional grocery store but still cheaper than eating out. Our day had started early, so it seemed like the perfect night to stay-in and watch a movie on Netflix.


The Mill San Francisco


^ Besides coffee and pastries the Mill offers weeknight pizza and grilled cheese and soup events!



The Mill San Francisco

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