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Perfect Weekend I unintentionally skipped posting a Weekend Links last Friday. My week was rather taxing and is just now on the up-swing. Phoenix was fussy and irritable (I blame the six-week growth spurt/developmental leap) and to top it all off I had a three-day sinus headache. Of course not everyday was difficult. We had a great weekend visiting with friends -- both in town and out-of-town guests!

My six-week follow-up postpartum appointment was last week and my doctor gave me the all-clear to lift more than 10 pounds. And to work out. HAHA. Who has time for working out? I carry a baby around all day that must count for something. ;-)

Onto the Links!

Build-a-Bench | I've pinned several hairpin tables and benches over the years and after reading through Anne's DIY project, I think it's time to tackle my own version!

Almond Butter Brown Rice Crispy Treats | Rice crispy treats are my go-to gluten-free dessert to bring to events. Several of our friends are gluten-free and it's nice having an option that doesn't require special ingredients. This almond butter version is the grown up version.

Five Unexpected Things About Marriage After Baby | It's easy to assume your marriage will negatively suffer as a result of any life change (babies, job changes, cross-country moves etc). Maybe we are underestimating the good things that come with change.

Backgrounds for Food Photography and Social Media Flatlays | Kelly let's us in on several inexpensive photography surfaces. My favorite is her faux marble countertop.

Motherhood: 25 Items We Actually Used | I've realized (even in only seven weeks) you can only pin so many essential lists. Until your baby arrives it's hard to know what you will need and what they will like. I find retrospective posts like these to be helpful. It's also a reminder to wait to purchase certain things until after you deliver.

Happy Weekend, all!

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