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Dressing with Happiness

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I gained a total of 35 pounds during my pregnancy with Phoenix. Plus or minus five pounds, I have remained the same weight my entire adult life. So, it was interesting to watch the scale tip higher and higher with each passing month. I continued to wear maternity clothes for the first few weeks after delivery. Loose dresses allowed Phoenix easy nursing access and were gentle over my c-section scar.

There comes a day though when you don't want to wear maternity clothes anymore! You want to start feeling more yourself.

Happiness Boutique Jewelry

I'm 11 weeks postpartum and my body is where it'll be for a while, especially while nursing. And I'm fine with where my body is. Before getting pregnant, I whittled my closet down quite a bit. I'm in the process of deciding which of the pieces left make sense for my in-between body.

I don't want to buy for the sake of buying. Unfortunately, a lot of my clothes either don't fit or simply aren't practical for nursing. My hips shifted quite a bit while pregnant and who knows if they'll shift back. In the meantime, I've made a few simple wardrobe purchases to aid in me feeling put together. My house might be a disaster, but showering and wearing clean clothes is essential.

My uniform as of late consists of stretchy dresses or the combination of high-rise jeans, soft drapey tops, button ups, comfortable slip-on shoes and delicate jewelry. Thankfully, jewelry always fits.

When Happiness Boutique, a fashion brand from Berlin, reached out to me, this simple rose gold necklace instantly caught my eye. I selected it from their exclusively designed collection. Every time I wear the necklace the three dots remind me how happy I am to live life with Jordan and Phoenix. I am grateful for my family of three.

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Happiness Boutique Jewelry

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