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Weekend Links / / The Arrival of Fall

fall wedding ^ A grainy photo I love from last weekend.

Fall has arrived in Nashville and it's glorious! After Phoenix's first nap of the day, we always grab coffee. Usually on our way back he starts to fall asleep in the car. This week, instead of rushing home, I've taken a walk while he naps. I think Phoenix enjoys the chance to be outside as much I do.

I mentioned it briefly but Jordan and I went out without Phoenix for the first time on Saturday! It was a strange feeling, being away from one another. Phoenix slept almost the entire time we were gone (about 4 hours!). He didn't mind at all. ;-)

This weekend is the first in awhile that we don't have any formal plans. I'm hoping to work on a few projects while Jordan hangs out with Phoenix. What are your plans?

Onto the links!

Why We All Need Family Leave | In a recent Armchair Chat, Brittany shared an interview on Goop's website about family leave in America. Did you all know 23% of new moms return to work two weeks after giving birth? TWO WEEKS! I could barely stand after two weeks.

Our River Cruise on The Seine | Jordan and I didn't take a cruise when we visited Paris nearly three years ago, but maybe next time! Hannah's photos are beautiful and I can't believe each ticket only cost 11 euros.

When Your Village is Virtual | I feel very fortunate to live close to many friends who are moms. BUT I found so much comfort in my virtual village while in the infertility trenches. Many of whom didn't even know I existed.

"There’s a lot of negative things to be said about social media. Over-sharing, bullying, spending too much time staring at a screen. But there’s a lot of good to be said, too. There’s a lot to be said for a space that lets women share their stories and ask questions and find answers. There’s a lot to be said about someone opening up through a keyboard, providing an area for others to say, “Me too, me too, me too."

Kelly shared a similar post earlier this summer.

Ending Campus Assault and Gender Inequality at Colleges | Last week, Emma Watson delivered another speech to the UN. This time on university inequality and violence.

“What if our experience in university shows us that women don’t belong in leadership? What if it shows us that, yes, women can study, but they shouldn’t lead a seminar?” she said. “What if, as is the case in far too many universities, we are given the message that sexual violence isn’t actually a form of violence?’"

Skinny Alfredo Ziti with Broccoli | As a kid, fettuccine alfredo was my favorite meal. My mom bought these green noodles (I assume they had spinach in them) and served a light alfredo sauce. Monique's version subs almond milk for cream. I curious how that alters the taste!

Happy Weekend, all!

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