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Luke's Diner I'm sitting on my bed with a swaddled baby next to me who is more interested in playing with my elbow than sleeping. Oh, illusive daytime sleep maybe one day you'll actually happen.

To no surprise to any parents reading this, I am so tired! This was a long week. Phoenix is not a quiet baby. When he is uncomfortable he lets you know by crying a lot. Something set him off, which led to several days of a sad baby. He went to bed normally, so there wasn't much to do besides ride it out.

In honor of the 16th anniversary of Gilmore Girls, on Wednesday, coffee shops around the country refashioned themselves into Luke's Diner. The Nashville location was nearby, but the line was extremely long (and I wasn't going to wait two hours with a baby). I found out too late I could have avoided the line by going inside to pay for my coffee. Oh well!

It's hard to believe Gilmore Girls premiered 16 years ago. I still remember watching the pilot in the privacy of my room. I didn't think my parents would approve, but my mom walked in and became hooked!

Onto the links!

Snapchat VS Instagram Stories | Just as I was grasping the ins and outs of Snapchat, Instagram releases their own version. To help us choose, Helene lays out the pros and cons of each platform.

A Week in Santorini | Thinking of visiting Santorini, Greece? Greta shares tips on places to stay, what to do and where to eat.

Cora, an Organic Tampon Company | As a consumer, it's my job to do good with my purchases. I'm a far cry from being perfect, but with every purchase I have an opportunity to change.

"Cora has partnered with an organization in India that supports adolescent girls’ education and produces an innovative, affordable and biodegradable brand of high-quality sanitary pads. They are produced in small women-owned and operated mini-factories that can be set up in low-income villages and communities. The mini-factories create jobs for women and a sustainable, affordable, local source of biodegradable pads for girls and women in the local community. Cora purchases pads from these mini-factories, generating revenue for them, and then, in turn, provides those pads at no cost to girls in local schools who otherwise couldn’t afford them and would be left with no choice but to stay at home during their periods.”

10 Essentials Spices | After our wedding, I made the mistake of purchasing a spice kit from Bed Beth & Beyond. In theory, it seemed like a great idea to have them fit neatly in a container. In reality, I had too many spices I would never need.

10 Favorite Soup Recipes | It's officially soup season!! When in doubt, make soup. What is your favorite soup to make?

Happy Weekend, all!

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