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trick or treat newborn ^ My hero in a half-shell before he had an epic trick or treat meltdown. He was upset he couldn't eat the candy. ;-)

Hey! I've been a little MIA lately, but for an exciting reason. Jordan and I closed on our first home early Friday morning! We're also still without internet, BUT it should be hooked up this morning. Fingers crossed. I'll share more about the process and pictures in Friday's Weekend Links post.

In other news, today, I'm co-hosting my favorite monthly link-up with Anne -- her currently series! Let's take a look into November.


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Discovering | Phoenix's likes and dislikes. He's a quirky dude and everyday we discover more about him. So far he shares a lot of similarities with Jordan. For instance, Phoenix hates sitting in a dirty diaper which is how Jordan was as a baby.

Celebrating | The purchase of our first home! I still can't believe we own a home. We've never lived with this much space, let alone two stories. Jordan and I are most excited about having better hosting arrangements. We really hated that our friends and family couldn't stay with us.

Starting | My maternity leave ends next week. I feel so fortunate I was able to take off three months, though it still doesn't feel like enough time. Jordan's mom flies in tomorrow and my parent's arrive next week. Having extra hands to unpack and watch Phoenix during my first week back will be so helpful.

Wearing | My new Levi jeans everyday. Thankfully, Phoenix doesn't spit up often but when I'm home I replace the jeans with joggers.

Googling | I'm your typical first time mom who Googles everything from sleep tips to the best baby gear to how many poops a 3 month old should have in a week. HAHA. Seriously, what did parents do before Google?

Don't forget to link-up with what you are currently up to in November!

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