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Preparing for a Baby in a Small Space

One bedroom apartment nursery Jordan and I were living in a one bedroom apartment when I got pregnant. Purchasing a home has always been a goal, but the time was never right. I spent my nesting period researching how to manage living in a small space. I had no idea we'd end up purchasing a home so soon after Phoenix was born! 

Adding another human to a humble abode requires a lot of rearranging. Even though we now live in a three-bedroom home, I wanted to share how I nested without an actual nest. I hope this gives you ideas for creating a one bedroom apartment nursery!

Side note: this is written from my perspective when we still lived in our apartment.

Rearrange your belongings. Before making any purchases, first purge all unnecessary items. Jordan and I have a small storage unit (we only have one closet) so we moved all of our out-of-season clothes (living underneath our bed) to the storage unit. Rearranging always leads to purging which is a bonus!

Assess your furniture. Jordan and I have lived in four apartments (+ my parents house) and for our Nashville move we didn't purchase anything new. We tried to make due, but we realized we weren't fully utilizing our space, especially in the bathroom. We have rather high ceilings, so Jordan found two shelving units to replace our existing pieces.

Purchase items as needed. I'm focusing on the 0-3 month stage and will purchase other items as needed. This includes diapers. There is no need to overstock when you have Amazon Prime! We were given a crib, but our initial intention was to wait a few months since he can sleep in his bassinet in the beginning. <-- He mostly slept in his Rock N' Play.

Let friends and family know. People love babies and giving babies toys and cute clothes, but all of those things need a home, right? It's okay to let people (who have expressed wanting to purchase a gift) know you don't have a lot of space and to encourage gift cards or small items.

Acknowledge your reality. There might be moments of sadness when you see friends post images of their nursery, but you can still create a loving and nurturing environment in a small space. We acknowledge the challenges to living in a small space, but there are benefits such as cleaning time!

Did you have a designated nursery for your baby?

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