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Phoenix | Month Four

Month Four Update Phoenix is four months old as of November 27th! I wrote a two and three-month update, but never posted it. To be quite honest, those were hard months. Phoenix was F U S S Y with a capital F. He slept poorly and generally was a challenge, despite being perfectly healthy. On top of juggling my fussy baby, I was packing for our move! I am very glad that season is behind me.

Here is a peak into month four of Phoenix's life!

Four Month Update

Month four was much better than month two and three. Phoenix still naps mostly in his Ergobaby Carrier but sleeps in his crib at night. He is not sleeping through the night, but we are making steps towards cutting down on the night feeds. While living in our apartment, I fell into a pattern of feeding him at every night waking. This, of course, wasn't a great habit to form because Phoenix didn't learn how to go back to sleep without nursing.

I am starting out slow with sleep training. I now put Phoenix down for the night awake. After the first night, thankfully, he cries for less than 15 minutes. With the go ahead of Phoenix's pediatrician, I set my alarm for two feedings (12am and 4am) and stick with our sleep training method for any other wakings.

At four months, Phoenix rolls from his back to stomach anytime you set him down. He sleeps in a sleep sack as he rolls to his stomach in the crib too. Occasionally, though not regularly, he will roll from his stomach to his back. Last month, we struggled with car rides. After a random discovery of a love of classical music, car rides are enjoyable again. Phoenix outright laughs and giggles and recognizes faces and voices. It's so fun to figure out what will make him laugh more.

Four Month Update

Four Month Update

Nursing, surprisingly, has been the easiest part of motherhood during the newborn phase. Phoenix eats like a champ every 2.5-3 hours. I was never able to build up a milk stash, so some days, when I'm at work, he will take a bottle of formula. The formula hasn't affected my supply. I still pump regularly at work, I just don't produce a full bottle while pumping and don't always find the time to pump on my days off. This is another reason I am not ready for Phoenix to drop those two night feedings.

Phoenix went to his four-month doctors appointment today. He is 12.5 lbs and 25 inches long! Phoenix certainly seems like he is taking after his dad's body type!

Despite the long days and sleepless nights, I am so thankful and honored to be Phoenix's mom. He continues to bring us more joy each month!

Four Month Update

One Month Update

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