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home It's been a crazy week! For those that might have missed my announcement on Wednesday, Jordan and I bought a house in Nashville. I am so grateful we aren't squished in our (less than) 700 sq. ft. apartment anymore but moving with a newborn is no joke. Jordan's mom is here this weekend helping me unpack all our boxes, which is such a blessing. The entire first floor was turning into one giant booby trap.

2016 has been a whirlwind year. For months we lived in limbo about whether we were relocating to California for work. Throughout my entire pregnancy we didn't know if we should nest or pack. After deciding to stay in Nashville we knew we'd sign another one-year lease. Raising a baby in a one-bedroom apartment wasn't our ideal, but we didn't think we could purchase a home in a month.

On a random August day, Jordan suggested we get pre-approved for a loan to prepare to look next spring. One thing led to another and after two back-to-back weekends in August looking at houses, we put an offer on a beautiful home. I can't wait to cultivate our permanent living space.

Onto the links!

Easy Homemade Tacos | I had a meal planning epiphany this week. Designate meal categories to specific days. Hence, Taco Tuesday, soup and salad Saturday, pizza night Friday, etc. I'm not sure why I've waited until now but time is of the essence. This will allow me to try new variations without having to think about what to make each night. How do you meal plan?

Yoga by Candace | All of my spare time for the last few months has gone towards packing and loan paperwork. I'm excited to incorporate yoga back into my life once the dust settles a bit more. Phoenix and I take a lot of walks, but there is nothing like a yoga workout at the end of a long day.

A Large Houseplant That's Easier Than a Fiddle Leaf Fig | I'm actually rather embarrassed about my terrible plant skills. My dad is an excellent gardener, so you'd think I would know more! I've killed all of the houseplants Jordan and I have had over the years. But I want to do better this time!

3 Pot-Simmers to Make Your House Smell Like Fall | Is there a better smell than cookies baking or soup on the stove to warm one's home? I never thought about recreating typical fall candle scents sans cooking.

The Joys of Saying Yes | I love Amanda's reflection on saying yes.

"You cannot turn anywhere lately without reading about how to avoid burning out and keeping your creative energy flowing. The common theme that everyone discusses is “feeling okay with saying no” and protecting that mental health.  I totally get it."

Sometimes saying yes to one thing means saying no to another. Jordan has taught me a lot about the power of saying yes. He constantly says yes to opportunities even when they are inconvenient.

Happy Weekend, all!

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